你在寻找挑战吗, 以宗教信仰为基础的教育, 但是不要有足够的时间或灵活性去参加所有的课程? 通过在线学习的灵活性完成你的学位. 幸运28为学生提供通过在线和混合课程获得同等质量教育的机会.

在KWU学习在线课程的学生有能力与教师和其他学生互动, 完成作业和测试, 在他们方便的时间和地点学习. We understand your need to balance work with your academic goals. 这就是为什么我们完全致力于将我们的优质教育和充满激情的教师带到网上.


Each online course at 幸运28 will be slightly different; some have online class meetings, some incorporate interactive discussion through our online distance education platform, 还有一些提供按录视频授课, but there are also elements which hold true to all KWU online courses.

Please keep the following information in mind when beginning each new online course:

  • All KWU online classes open two weeks before the start date listed in the official 校历. 要访问您的课程信息,请点击链接 我KWU 位于本页顶部的搜索框旁边.
    • 使用指定的用户名和密码登录. This should have been provided to you during the admission process.
    • On the left side click “my courses” and click on your course.
    • Review the syllabus, handouts, coursework, and bookmark sections of the class.
    • 如果您在登录或访问课程时遇到任何问题,请立即与学生服务中心联系.
  • The start and end dates of any class you are considering are firm. 在正式上课的第一天之后,学生将不允许注册在线课程.
  • 你应该在课程开始前登录并完成第一个作业(通常是介绍或教学大纲上的小测验).
  • 指定的教科书/材料应在开课时(开课前两周)购买并持有。.
  • You should plan/schedule to compete all assignments early – due dates are firm.
  • 使用提供的用户名和密码从主网页登入并查看您的大学部电子邮件.



What is the cost of a 幸运28 online course?

Tuition and fees are posted online at the KWU Online web page 学费和杂费 section.


No, textbooks and course material costs are not included in the tuition and fees cost. 教科书可以从这里购买 kwu.ecampus.com. 有 两种方法 了解每节课需要哪些教材:

  1. 登录您的myKWU帐户. On the main page, on the left side, you will see a link titled “MY COURSES”. 点击此链接查看您的课程信息, your professor and learn about your textbook(s) and other required course materials.  Write down your course numbers, and text ISBN and edition number.
  2. www.fmmaison.com 点击“购买教科书”.  它会带你到大吴电子校园.  There, search for your course numbers to find your texts’  ISBN and edition numbers.  你也可以在这个网站上购买或租用课本.  请参阅下面的“图书券”.  You are welcome to buy/rent your textbooks where you can find the best value, 但图书券只可在九龙使用.ecampus.com.

Can I use a book voucher or my financial assistance award to pay for my textbooks?

If your total financial assistance award for the term is greater than your charges, 您有权获得“信用余额”,,你可将其用作由学生财务计划部发出的“图书券”.

你越早拿到课本越好. 在暑假打工,把工资存起来,这是开学前支付课本费用的好方法. 然而, if you still have a planned credit balance and want to use a book voucher, 联系 Student Financial Planning Office in the K Dub Hub (Pioneer Hall 285, 785-833-4315),了解更多有关图书券的信息.


幸运28是由中北部大学和学校协会高等教育委员会完全认可的, 北拉萨尔街30号, 2400套房, 芝加哥, IL 60602-2504, USA 800-621-7440; or (312) 263-0456.


Students applying for admission for the first time at KWU must pay a one-time, nonrefundable application fee of $20 for undergraduates and $30 for graduates. 国际学生的学费为30美元.S. 基金). No action will be taken pertaining admission until this application fee is paid.

Do I need to be admitted to KWU to take courses offered through KWU Online?

是的. 首次入读幸运28的学生必须提交入学申请, 可以在大学招生网页上找到, 或致电招生办公室785-833-4305.

Do I need to be admitted to the Graduate School to take graduate-level courses?

是的. The application form is available online at the 招生 Office website. 非学位学生必须完成入学申请,并提供学士学位证明(成绩单)和可接受的入学申请. 请在预注册/入学前向招生办公室询问.


如果你完成了本科或研究生申请, you can check your status by calling the KWU 注册商’s Office at 785-833-4319 或电邮至 (电子邮件保护).


当学生被大学录取时,教务处会向每个学生提供顾问信息. To find out who your advisor is, visit MyKWU utilizing your assigned login information.


有关当前和即将到来的学期的最新课程列表,请访问 KWU网上网页.


Contact your advisor to discuss course offerings relative to your educational goals.


You must login to MyKWU in order to complete the enrollment process. 预注册/注册应在正式学期/学期开始日期之前完成. Select courses, workshops and seminars may have alternative enrollment dates. Check the course schedule online at MyKWU for exact enrollment information.


有关学术上诉程序的信息, 学生可浏览大学网上的学生投诉及上诉一栏. 在提交学术上诉之前, 请查看幸运28幸运28计划学生投诉和学术上诉程序的政策.

What are the system requirements for courses offered on our Jenzabar platform?



  • Windows 7或更高版本,“完整”版本,而不是“RT”或“移动”版本
  • 2+ GHz CPU, 4+ Gb RAM,充足的硬盘存储空间,以太网和/或WiFi连接


  • Mac OS X 10.7 or higher (Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan – 10.9.5“小牛队”或更高的推荐)
  • 1.6 GHz或更高的“Intel-Based”CPU, 至少4gb RAM(推荐8+), 充足的硬盘存储空间, 以太网和/或WiFi连接


  • IE 11或更高版本,Firefox 38或更高版本,或Safari 7或更高版本(强烈推荐Firefox)
  • adobereader,最新版本可于(免费下载):
  • Adobe Flash插件,最新版本可于(免费下载):
  • Java浏览器插件,最新版本可于(免费下载):
  • Microsoft Office (Office365 available online after registration)


  • Students must have regular access to reliable, high-speed, internet access. DSL、U-Verse、Cable Modem、光纤链路等.)
  • Satellite-based or cellphone “hotspot” based connections are typically unsuitable. (Contact Technology Services for more information if this is your only option.)
  • Graphics card and monitor capable of 1024×764 display (or better)
  • 立体声声卡,扬声器和/或耳机. 某些课程可能需要麦克风. 向你的教练咨询.
  • Adequate hard drive space for downloading of class-related files
  • 有些课程可能需要网络摄像头. 向你的教练咨询.
  • 请注意:

Mobile computing devices; smartphones, iPads, tablets, etc. are NOT full supported with all features of KWU online courses. 可能有一些功能或任务不能用移动设备完成,需要一个“完整的”桌面/笔记本电脑计算系统. 如果你的移动设备是你的主要计算设备, make sure you have readily available access to a full computer system if needed. 上课前, 如有任何其他特殊技术要求,请咨询您的指导老师.


For technical assistance with online courses that are offered through KWU Online, 联系杰伊·克罗布, 资讯系统总监, 电话785-833-4440或露丝·米尔兹, 教学技术主任, at 785-833-4365.


是的, you can enroll in several courses as a non-degree seeking student.


幸运28接受其他地区认可机构的学分转换. 任何被认定为补修的课程都不能转移到满足毕业要求. 任何被认定为工作坊的课程, seminar-practicum, 领域经验, 和继续教育将由注册办公室仔细评估,以确定可能的课程学分的可转移性.

*请注意,在季度制中获得的成绩不能作为成绩单上列出的全部学分转移. Quarter-term hours will compute at two-thirds of KWU credit hours; e.g.4个学期的学时等于2.67学时.


是的! KWU Online students are encouraged to participate in graduation ceremonies.

What is the refund policy for withdrawing from or dropping a course?

退还学费, 房间, and board charges will be made to students officially withdrawing from all classes. 学生的费用不作调整, 包括食宿费, 对于那些在最后一天之后退了部分但不是全部课程的学生(根据学历). 在开学第一天之后的任何时间退课的学生,将收取原费用5%的退课管理费(最高100美元).

学费收费, 住宿及伙食费将按学生在本校注册学期的百分比按比例支付,最高可达学期的60%. 学生在学期过了60%后退学,将不会获得学费减免.


所有有关选课的重要日期,包括加课或退课,均可在本校网页的 校历.


You will be provided your MyKWU login credentials when you apply for admissions. The main link into 我KWU is located at the top of the institutional home page.


Students are encouraged to make payments via check to the 业务办公室, 或者他们可以登录MyKWU门户网站,在学生账户部分通过信用卡提交付款.


萨利纳,KS 67401

 *Please make sure to provide your student ID# when submitting your payment, this will ensure your payment is processed in a timely manner.


是的. 在你注册了课程之后, you will have the opportunity to complete a payment selection form or pay in full, 哪一个最适合你的情况.


浏览更多有关中大网上服务的资料, 课程和混合项目, 联系以下区域代表:

通识教育: Karissa斯文森
刑事司法(可在网上查阅): 约翰Burchill
应急管理(可完全在线获取): Dr. 朗尼布克
MBA(完全在线): Dr. 达蒙卡夫
R.N. B.S. 主修护理(可在网上获得): Janeane Houchin

Student Complaint Process for Online and Hybrid Course Participants

对于在线课程或混合教学问题有投诉或担忧的学生, the student should follow the institutional protocol of contacting the instructor, 学术单位负责人和大学, 按照这个顺序. 针对更广泛的在线和混合课程投诉,这些投诉与特定课程中的特定问题没有直接联系, 学生应该联系 Dr. 达蒙卡夫教务长,寻求解决办法.

在您按照上述提供的“在线和混合课程参与者的学生投诉流程”流程进行操作后,在线课程或混合教学问题仍未解决, 联系 堪萨斯校董会. 如果您位于州外,请使用此 link 联系校董会.